Joshua Davis (Praystation) – the V01D: THE SHOWROOM

16 - 20 February 2022

the V01D, is an entirely custom, written from scratch, art code-base consisting of 9825 lines of code that Davis has developed over the past 6 years. This extraordinary piece of software uses Java + Processing + GLSL shaders to create a real-time generative body of animations and visual compositions.


Because the V01D is an algorithmic piece of software specifically to make art ad infinitum, it is not limited to a fixed timeline of animation or length. The program can produce works akin to a snowflake, where no two visual compositions would ever be the same. When a video is rendered, we are basically viewing a window of time from the software's infinite system. In addition to the aforementioned, because the software uses audio as input, naturalistic equations may constantly update and mutate variables, in real time. Davis also takes on the role of the critic and curator, living with the work, watching it formulate and evolve, to eventually capture moments in time that are considered to be ethereal culminations.


To put it simply, Davis uses code to program all the rules, boundaries, and decisions an artist would normally make, while allowing the software/algorithm to become an independent artist in itself, and as such, Davis is in constant state of active dialog with the computation. Davis has effectively created an art orchestra in which he is the ultimate maestro


Joshua Davis, otherwise known as Praystation, is an artist, designer, technologist and author in algorithmic image making & animation and is acclaimed for his role in designing the visualization of IBM’s Watson. Davis was the winner of the 2001 Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica. His work has been exhibited at the Tate Modern, the Design Museum London, le Centre Pompidou, the ICA London, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, MoMA PS1 New York, the Whitney, the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum and more.